About me

My name is BJ Weintraub, Founder of the secret Facebook page  Addicted 2 Cuffs, #JDFC.  I,  like so many of you,  love Rustic Cuffs and love sharing my stack pictures with friends.  In 2015, I found myself texting friends pictures of my stacks and of course they would text back pictures of what they were wearing.  I wanted to find a place where all my friends could post pictures and share their combinations with other friends, so I decided to create a secret group on Facebook.  The secret group is hidden from all facebook friends except those who belong to the group.  I started the group on May 2, 2015 by adding 100 friends.  Since then, the group has continued to  grow and grow, friends adding friends.  In January 2016,  the group had grown to 30,000 addicts!  By January 2017 the group is predicted  to have over 40,000 members. 

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